About Us

Unleash Horse Power

South Africa has a unique horse orientated portal with a solid National footprint & International links through its dedicated membership, it is called EquineSA.

Our logo says it all... our Horse World!

It is about horses, more horses and what horses need.

Horses are an economic power; we connect their owners, supply and demand here.

EquineSA promote all equine types, sports, breeds, disciplines and related horse products and services.

This avenue made history in Africa when we launched the first of its kind e-commerce advertising medium cutting out the middle man and giving power and money back to the people at the core of producing quality specimens or items.

Competitive Arena

EquineSA work together closely, with all major players, horse communities and also their Regulating Bodies in South Africa.

Sponsor shows and grant support to a good cause, individuals, small businesses and creative thinkers.

EquineSA is a digital success story that has grown from 25 000 unique hits to 55 000 making us the biggest equine related website in South Africa, a good reason for you to be here.

Africa's horse community's positive regard and joined support, ensure our success for the future.

We take pride in the fact that we administrate strict protocol over the welfare of animals we come across and take the public's concern serious, when reporting any misconduct, abuse or neglect to the relevant authorities.

The Classifieds, Products and Service sections grant equine businesses a platform and an opportunity to expand their audience and reach their direct target market. We value and support all fields of trading.

A platform where businesses can establish trust in the trade while building their brand and generate leads.

A one stop destination where all levels of equestrianism converse or relative items change hands.

Launch innovative products or creative ideas where organizations can serve their direct target group efficiently.

We bring prospects to your 'door' so you can close the deal.

Our 2012 focus to support registered horses and only the breeders of the finest quality, has brought to our attention that much more awareness is needed in terms of pure-bred registered horses and those bred without a market to support them. We need your support!

We are dedicated and firm believers of using our advertising platform for greater good, dedicated to help where possible in various aspects of assisting the less privileged, abused and disadvantaged.

Placing horses 1st

Equestrian events keep us in the competitive arena by allowing an avenue to connect with our clients as real live people so they can place a face to our service and virtual bureau, do market research and get feedback straight from the horse's mouth!

Events produce golden opportunity for launching new products, branding, exposure, sampling or demonstration and direct selling.

We offer a platform for direct marketing aimed at a niche target audience. Quality sells when the opportunity presents itself and the receptive groups are open to the latest technologies or developments.

Sport events and exhibitions are also where our client’s measure market share, keep up with latest trends, investigate the competition and show the world who they are.

When sponsoring an event we also aim to educate the public in other fields of importance, or introduce other disciplines.

We indorse Horsemanship, professionalism, humane training and practices.

EquineSA notice unique opportunities and innovative displays as tools to grow this industry positively and reach people outside, therefore discover and introduce various entertainment acts across the country.

We introduce SANEF Schools to areas outside Gauteng and facilitated Saddle-Seat as recognised School League Sport.

We also negotiate sponsorship or create awareness for sponsor opportunities such as SARDA, EAP, HHCU and private individuals in need.

We are grateful for the support received from horse lovers, owners, riders, breeders and professionals over the years. Our passion drives this industry's and its strengths as an example of the qualities it propagate for achieving greatness recognised around the globe. This can be seen in our record breaking sport horse sales of R7.2mil in only 18 months and R40mil in 30 months and over R100mil in 5 years and still growing!

EquineSA is the only avenue where all of Africa's equestrian disciplines and breeds connect with each other and represent an undivided horse community.

Showcase the A-Z of breeds in an universal fashion with breed information at hand to assist first time buyers or the uninformed of breed specifications and aptness.